1976: Medicine Doctor cum laude. 1979: Postgraduate Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PRM) cum laude. 1995: Fellow of the European PRM Board; since 2017, Life Fellow and Expert of the UEMS PRM Section & Board. Professor (invited lecturer) at School of Specialization in PRM, University “Tor Vergata”, Rome (2010-…). Former invited Professor in University courses (Schools of Specialization in PRM for MDs; Degree for Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists) in 5 Italian Universities. Retired after 36 years (1978-2014) as Physiatrist in the Rehabilitation Institute in Veruno (Italy) - "Salvatore Maugeri" Foundation (Head, Dept. Occupational Rehabilitation and Ergonomics). President, UEMS European PRM Board (2008-2010). Member, European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. Chairmen, ISPRM Journal sub-committee, since 2008. Invited Lecturer in International PRM congresses and in foreign Universities (in >18 different countries). Member and Chairman of Scientific Committee in >10 International PRM Congresses. Winner of the ISPO Forchheimer Prize 2017. Honorary Consulting Editor "European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine"; Associate Editor “Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine”. Member of the Editorial Board of other 8 international PRM journals. More than 250 scientific papers (107 of them indexed by PubMed). Editor/co-editor/project manager of 16 books on PRM.