Jiri Rosicky is the CEO of 3 companies that are active in O&P field - Invent Medical Group, ING corporation and Ortopedicka protetika Frydek-Mistek. His focus is on Direct Digital Manufacturing (3D scanning, computational modelling, 3D printing), integrated systems for online diagnostics, application of modern materials and technologies (carbon composites, silicone materials) and multidisciplinary cooperation with universities, clinical and industrial partners. The aim of his companies is the product innovation, process innovation and business model innovation in Orthotics & Prosthetics. Jiri has graduated and earned a master's degree in Mechanical engineering and holds a Mechanical engineering science Ph.D. from the Brno University of Technology. He was an external lecturer at the University of Ostrava for couple of years. Jiri is member of ISPO (International Society of Prosthetics & Orthotics) and IAA (International Anaplastology Association). He and his team have got awards for professional activities (Czech Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices - Brno: 2014; International Anaplastology Association: Conference Presentation Awards - Nashville, USA: 2013, Denver, USA: 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 2015, Dallas, USA: 2016). He has 25 years of experience in the O&P field.